Top 5 online Earning plateforms . Earn online work from home

Top 5 online Earning plateforms . Earn online work from home.
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Those who want to earn money & they are under 18 (student) or 18+ but still jobless or Settled with job but you want earn extra money online through part time job you have then finded a perfect blog post. Read Full Blog Post you will know how you can earn money online by working from Home & also without investment.

In this blog I have mentioned 5 best online earning plateforms from which you can earn money around 30 thousand to 5 Lack Rupees per month . You have to use one of these platforms are all plateforms it depends upon you.
So before you go further down I will give you some tips to earn money . These tips are based on those who are successfully earings money from these platforms. 

Fallow these steps if you want to earn money from these platforms.

  • 1. Make continuity

In these platforms their is a huge compitition .When you start first time work in these platforms you will not be able to earn money. You have to post content continuosly. 

  • 2. Select your niche

It’s true that you can’t work until you know in which topic you can make content. It’s not easy to make content without your basis niche .

You can work on one of these ideas.

Internet marketing
Voice over on videos
Reactions on videos
Moto vloging

Top 5 online Earning plateforms . Earn online work from home . No Investment 

5. Blogging

I have given rank to bloging 5 because you have to Invest in this Platform. Blogging means to create a website & post content on website . Their are lot of platforms through which you can make your website Like WordPress , Zyro ,Shopee etc to lunch website on Google you have to buy a hosting and domain & it may cost about Rs 7,000 to 10,000 with both hosting & domain . Their are lot of websites providing free hosting & domain but you can’t rank this type of website in Google . So without traffic you can’t earn. 

How to earn through Blogging.

After launching your website online on internet with Good hosting & Top level domain, You have to create 20 to 30 Posts as per you niche .Then you have to apply for any ad network to place their ads into your website .You can add your creat your own ads but you have to gain lot of traffic. 
Mainly all Website owners apply for Google adsense network & you can earn money through this ad network. Google adsense will approve your website if your website fallow all terms & conditions of Google adsense.Then you will start earning . You can earn more the 1 lack per month if you are getting good Traffic .You have to make minimum $100 to withdraw your earnings.

4. Affiliate Marketing.

Firstly you have to know what is affiliate marketing . Affiliate marketing means to sell products online of different companies by recommending others For example : You’re recommending the product of any shopkeeper to any other person and that person buys the product of Shopkeeper through you . Shopkeeper will give you a commision from the product total price. So some big e-commerce Companies will make you affiliater . You have to recommend their products to others . 

How you can recommend.

Share links through WhatsApp Messenger to your friends . If you friend buy through this link you will get commission. 
Share on Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc if someone buy through your link you will get a commision.

How to became Amazon affiliater

Open any searching engine & search Amazon affiliate first site you will see click on that & login & fill all details perfectly on Amazon. Amazon will approve your affiliate application instantly. Share links of products and earn.

3. Instagram.

If you’re using Instagram and you have more then 10k Fallowers . You can earn by getting Sponsorships , Affiliate marketing etc. Once you will complete 10k fallowers on Instagram ,It will open all its features for you. You can earn money by promoting others businesses & by getting Sponsorships & By doing affiliate marketing.
Instagram has more then 100Cr+ Downloads and more then 200Cr+ users . You can get easily 10k fallowers if you have perfect and specific niche.
You can earn more then 45k per month by Sponsorships, Affiliate marketing etc.
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2. Facebook

Facebook is one of the most downloaded application with more then 1 billion+ users and 500Cr+ Downloads and you can earn from facebook if you have an Facebook page with fallowers 10k+ .You can apply for Facebook business if your page fallow all Facebook business guidelines your page will be approved within 2 to 7 days for Facebook business. You can earn more then 1 lack per month.
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As you all know YouTube is world’s most popular app.YouTube is owned by Google and YouTube is working with Google Adsense.YouTube is world’s largest videos providing application with more then 2 billion videos. If you have 1k subscribers & 4000 hours watch time you will be then able to apply for monetization. If you’re YouTube channel comply all YouTube community guidelines. YouTube will monetize your YouTube channel within 14 days with Google adsense.YouTube also pay for creator if someone go through YouTube premium.

How to create a YouTube channel.

  • Go & Create  your Google Account.
  • Then open YouTube app then go to My channel section then Create your YouTube channel with the name you want to show public
  • You can manage Your YouTube channel through YouTube studio in Chrome or YouTube Studio application.
If you your channel get monetized and If you are getting More & more views then You can earn upto 1Lack to 50lack per month
These are the top 5 plateforms from which you can earn money from home. With work of only 2 to 3 hour’s
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