5 Habits That Are Damaging Your Hair Growth And How to Fix it


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Many of us take the health of our hair for granted and don’t give as much attention as may be required. Instead, when we pick up any shampoo, conditioner or hair product without knowing our needs we often expect miracles that won’t happen. Our hair is an integral part and extension of our bodies and hence our health has a direct impact on our hair. Hence hair health is directly linked to our diet and the right supplementation which needs to be considered daily for longer-term solutions beyond cosmetic touch-ups.

Healthy, nourished and voluminous hair is an attribute almost everyone wants but the health of our hair is also a reflection of our physical health. Healthy hair growth needs the right mix of proteins, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12, which help in improving hair structure, promote growth and moisturize the scalp leading to lustrous and healthy-looking hair.

In this modern scenario, the quest for long, shiny tresses often makes you believe in taking endless hair care products or hair care treatments that are topical. But the truth is, the secret of long shinySo, to get to the ‘root cause’ of why your attempts to lengthen and strengthen your locks just aren’t working, we consulted the expert Dr Sudha Deshmukh, a renowned dermatologist and health Expert at Chicnutrix rounded up the top five reasons your hair isn’t growing and what you need to do to fix it. hair can only be the basis of a healthy scalp.

Mineral or Vitamin deficiency

A dream of having long shiny hair can only be achieved through proper nutrition. Not having a proper diet or meeting your optimal requirements for iodine, zinc, B12 vitamins and iron can lead to split ends or a dry scalp. Skipping a meal or when you are not eating on time is when your hair will start breaking out which will eventually lead to deteriorating health of the hair. Your hair needs a good diet like your skin.

Supplements like iron, calcium, amino acids, magnesium and selenium support the structure of the hair. And Vitamins A, C, D, Omega-3 and co-enzymes are also useful for supporting growth.

Smoking & consumption of alcohol

Excessive smoking, alcohol, or intoxication leads to accelerated hair loss. Smoking affects the natural oxygen saturation level and restricts blood vessels throughout the body. Hair follicles need a fresh blood supply to stay strong & healthy. The slow flow of blood makes hair regrowth harder. To ensure the regrowth of shiny stronger hair, simply put an end to smoking and intoxication.

Watch your hair-wash habits
It’s alright to wash your hair daily but we should refrain from tying the hair immediately after a hair wash. Tying wet hair not only loses hair follicles from the roots but also makes the scalp dry and itchy, leading to immense hair fall problems.

Excessive styling

Ensure to minimize blow drying your hair and when you do, ensure it is done after the hair is almost dry naturally. Run the dryer in one uniform direction in a downward movement to dial back the frizz. You can also choose to only dry the roots of your hair to achieve lift and avoid drying the hair shaft and tips to reduce damage. Hair straightening and rebonding treatments can also contribute to breakage and frizz.


No doubt, stress is the most important reason for hair fall. In this fast-forward lifestyle, we can’t help but feel it sometimes. Cortisol or most commonly the stress hormone can make your hair growth go worse. With proper meditation, yoga stress can be managed

Fixing hair fall problems is not a herculean task. While genetics do play a key role but your eating habits, lifestyle, weather and pollution all are important factors affecting your hair health.

Having a rich and balanced diet can do wonders for your hair. A diet and correct supplementation which is giving you the right balance of protein content, B12 levels, D3 vitamins and omega helps in stimulating your hair follicles and allowing for naturally healthy and beautiful hair from within.

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