FRAUD ALERT! Call Airtel Customer care and you could be logged out of WhatsApp


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FRAUD ALERT! Call Airtel `Customer Care` and you could be logged out of WhatsApp

New Delhi:Many of us now use UPI to make payments to anyone because it is more convenient and we don’t have to worry about having exact change on hand. WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app, has added the ability to send and receive money, making it easier to send money to friends and family.

A UPI transaction is simple to complete. It’s as simple as scanning a QR code, entering the amount, and sending it. 

However, there are a lot of financial frauds that are taking place in WhatsApp. The latest example is that of an user who received a phone call from 8420509782 ‘Airtel’ who informed the user had filed a complaint regarding internet issues. The user informed the fraudster that her father takes care of all the calls related to Airtel due to the family plan. She said, “My father is not at home, please call back later.”

What followed was a bizarre incident as the fraudster asked her to dial ‘401*8404975600’ and someone from the Airtel call centre will call back in 1-2 days. The WhatsApp user fell into the trap and actually dialed the number.

What happened next will put you in utter shock as within 10 minutes of the call, she received a message on WhatsApp which asked for a log in PIN so that she can set up her mobile number on a new device. Within seconds, she was logged out of WhatsApp from both phone and laptop.

She was totally confused and eventually lost all her contacts on WhatsApp. She further said,” What’s more, the code ‘401’ followed by a mobile number ensures call recording. Me dialing that code meant all my incoming calls would go to that number and the fraudster could my sim.”

She was completely devastated to know that the conman had already texted more than 40-50 contacts on WhatsApp and asked for money on her behalf. He had asked them for immediate ‘cash help’ asking them to Paytm some money so that he could return it by late night on the same day.

Some of her friends helped that fraudster with Rs 1,000 and Rs 2,000 knowing that it was genuine. The user then filed a complaint in the cyber crime department.

Here’s how to stay protected from WhatsApp financial frauds:

  • Enable two factor authentication in your WhatsApp. Then no one will be able to log in even if they get the OTP.
  • It is advised that you don’t dial ‘401’ followed by a 10 digit mobile number as it’s the code for call forwarding.
  • Never click on any unknown links/engage in any unknown phone calls.

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