Eid ul Azha Moon Sighting 2022: Muslims Will Celebrate Eidul Azha on this Date


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RIYDH: The International Astronomical Centre (IAC) has requested countries to organise committees to sight the Zil Hajj moon this Wednesday (June 29).

The moon of Zil Hajj is likely to be sighted on the evening of June 30, which will mark the start of the holy month.

Muslims across the globe will celebrate Eidul Azha on the 10th of Zil Hajj, after completing all the pillars of pilgrimage.

As per the IAC, the main pillar of Hajj, Arafah (the day of Arafat) — when the pilgrims spend the night under the open sky in Arafat, will fall on July 8. This means the pilgrims will spend the night between July 8 and 9, and Eidul Azha will be celebrated in Saudi Arabia on July 9.

In line with the IAC’s forecast, the Head of the Institute of Space Science and Technology at the Karachi University, Dr Javed Iqbal, has said that Pakistan will observe the holy festival on July 10.

“The altitude of the moon will be less than 5 degrees when the sun sets that day (June 29) and the moon will not be visible as the duration of the setting of the sun and the moon will be only 30 minutes,” he said.

The astronomer said the first Zilhaj will be on July 1, while Eidul Azha will be observed on July 10.

Regarding the start of the Islamic calendar, he said the first of Muharram will be on July 30 and the day of Ashura will be observed on August 8.

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