NEET UG 2022 Exam: Check Preparation Tips, Syllabus, Pattern & other important points


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NEET - National Eligibility cum Entrance Test

NEET UG 2022: How to Prepare for NEET(UG) Without Coaching?

It is essential that students who are preparing for NEET exam at home without coaching should conduct self-analysis, and the easiest way to do so is to taking up online mock test. Taking up a NEET Mock test allows students to practice for real exam circumstances while also learning about their own strengths and limitations. After you’ve identified your individual strengths and limitations, follow the steps given below to learn how to pass the NEET UG 2022 Exam from home without coaching.

NEET examination is becoming more and more popular. The number of candidates who appear for the medical entrance test increases yearly, leading to a spike in the competition level.

Every year, approximately 16 lakh students take the NEET examination, and the number grows with the competition. The three-hour exam is held in different exam centers across the country under the close supervision of the authority

Yes! of course anyone can crack the NEET from home without coaching. It’s the hard work and the dedication that matter. Coaching is considered an essential part of NEET preparation, but the truth is that there are toppers who have gotten through the NEET UG 2022 examination by doing self-preparation.

With an appropriate study plan, proper strategies, and some effective measures anyone can score good marks in examinations and crack the NEET at ease.

If you are ready to input your energy and time with full dedication, you can crack NEET UG 2022 from home without any coaching. The concept of coaching is to practice under guidance but sadly most of the NEET coaching centers are promoting exam fear and thereby they are pressurizing the students in all possible ways. The truth is that this pressure won’t work and the students will fall into depression losing all their hope.

Maybe because of these reasons, nowadays most of the students are opting for self-preparation and the usage of different platforms l A majority of them are cracking the NEET examination at their first chance. It simply proves that the NEET UG 2022 examination can be cracked without any coaching. Here in this blog, we would like to share some tips and tricks which you can follow for self-preparation.

Preparation of NEET needs complete dedication from your side because it’s your effort that’s gonna bring you the fruit of success. Following the tips and tricks briefed below can help you to prepare well and crack the NEET UG 2022 from home without any coaching.

1. NEET UG 2022 | Gather all details regarding the NEET syllabus

Being well informed is the foremost part of any planning. The idea of NEET UG 2022 preparation can be planned only after having a piece of good knowledge of the NEET syllabus. This is the first and most important part of planning your preparation. One must know what all NEET topics or concepts are included, which all syllabus has more weightage, which can be given more importance. The solution to all these is just a thorough understanding of the NEET syllabus.

2.  NEET UG 2022 | Understanding the NEET Exam Pattern

NEET comprises a total of 180 questions which are divided into three subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The biology section has the highest number of questions which is 90 in total whereas the other two consist of 45 questions each. The marks awarded are also divided into three as 360 in Biology, 180 in chemistry and 180 in Physics.
The other important point to keep in mind is the scoring pattern. The scoring pattern is in such a way that 4 marks are awarded for every correct answer and 1 mark is deducted for each wrong attempt.

NEET UG 2022 Exam: Check Preparation Tips, Syllabus, Pattern & other important points

3. NEET UG 2022 | Prepare with Quality NEET Study Materials

Referring to the best NEET study material can gain you the best results. There are a lot of NEET UG 2022 study materials available in the market and most of them claim that they are the best. Always choose the best and reliable self-study materials, this can be done by having online research on the study materials you plan to choose. You can even ask the previous year’s NEET candidates or your seniors and teachers for suggestions. Here is the list of books you can refer to, other than Basidia & NCERT textbooks.

4. NEET UG 2022 | Create a Timetable for NEET Preparation

In NEET preparation each and every step of the student needs to be preplanned and he/she should be careful to follow their plans. A timetable is an essential part of the NEET preparation. The timetable helps you to have track of your NEET UG 2022 preparation and you would be able to plan your studies ahead with the help of a timetable. Experts say that following an effective timetable for the NEET UG 2022 preparation can yield good results. We would like to share some simple steps to create an effective timetable for your preparation need.

NEET UG 2022 | Timetable Scheduling

Check for the topics in all three subjects.
Segregate the topics into three and give them taglines as Cold, Warm and Hot.
Cold should include the easy topics or the topics you are proficient in.
Include the moderate topics under the Warm tagline.
The hot tagline should include time-consuming or hard topics that are difficult to understand.
Now set a target score to achieve create four different sections in your timetable
Place the topics which are assigned as cold in the first section of the timetable, fill the second section with the topics assigned under Warm, Fill the third section with the topics assigned under the Hot tagline.
Dedicate the fourth column for adding reviews on your preparation thus you can improve yourself by referring to it.
The timetable is completely drafted now, next is execution
Start the day with the topics which come under the cold tagline.
Beginning with the cold topics would give you the confidence to face the Warm and hot topics fearlessly.
Dedicate more time to the Hot topics and revise them thoroughly daily.
Include the previous year’s question papers in the Warm tag. Try solving almost all the questions from the previous year’s question paper and check with the answer key.

Create your own questions and try solving them. Make sure to attend at least one mock test daily so that you can evaluate yourself and put more hard work into the required topics.
We have created a study planner for you guys. Please take a look at it

Perfect Timetable for NEET UG 2022 Preparation Best NEET Timetable for Droppers 50 days timetable for NEET Aspirants

5. NEET UG 2022 | Set Daily targets

Setting targets and achieving them at the exact time planned can help you to cover the NEET topics in the desired period. This will increase your confidence level and it’s a motivation factor that fuels your NEET UG 2022 preparation. The most vital thing which needs to be minded while setting targets is always to set realistic ones or else the whole concept of setting targets will backfire.

6. Practice more and more NEET MCQs

After the completion of each NEET topic, workout on all types of MCQs comes under that topic. Basidia holds more than thirty-three thousand NEET MCQs with detailed explanations. Try to answer at least 150-200 MCQs, the more you answer the stronger your knowledge on that particular NEET topic would be. Mark the wrong answer and learn that separately until you are clear with the topic.

7. NEET UG 2022 | Workout previous year NEET question papers

This is the best and most effective way to understand the pattern of examination as well as the syllabus. This helps you to cover each and every possible question that can be expected for the NEET examination. The NEET previous year’s questions with proper explanation can be accessed from Basdia and even the Internet is a good source for finding previous year’s question papers but it would be hard to find the proper explanation.

8. NEET UG 2022 | Attend NEET Mock Tests Online Frequently

It is essential that students who are preparing for NEET without coaching should conduct self-analysis, and the easiest way to do so is to taking up mock test online. Taking up NEET Mock test online allows candidates to practice for real exam circumstances while also learning about their own strengths and limitations.

NEET Mock tests are simulations of genuine exams that can be used to practice the exam pattern in an exam-like setting. Attending numerous NEET mock tests allows you to examine your performance while also improving your time management abilities. A mock test can be used to discover your weak points so that you can work to improve them.

9. NEET UG 2022 |  Revise until you master

Let it be any exam, the revision must be an integral part of your preparation because revision helps you to have a complete review of your preparation, and thereby you can make required changes on your preparation method. The regular revision will help you to have deep roots in the topic. We have a dedicated revision scheduler where you can plan schedule your revisions ahead after completing each practice test. We recommend you conduct a revision after completing each chapter.

10. NEET UG 2022 | Motivate Yourself

Motivation is the key route to success. Motivations help people to gain complete confidence and speed up the activities they intend to do. Motivation is a psychological factor that contributes a lot. If you feel very much tired or feel like the preparation process is not meeting your expectations. Take a short break and think about your best exam performances during your school time.

Think about the achievements you gained and understand you are your mentor, there is no one to guide you or correct you. You are very much aware that you are capable of doing this because this has been done in the past and this can be done by you also.

When you are attending mock tests, act like you are attending the real NEET UG 2022 exam and complete it in a single stretch, don’t pause in between
While attending mock tests, always choose the full-length mock test, instead of subject-wise mock tests.
Targets should be completed at the expected time and if not add it to the next day’s, but don’t make it a habit
Revision is mandatory for all the topics even if you are good at some. Because the questions in the NEET exam are completely unpredictable and you have to be perfect with each side of the topic.
Don’t hesitate to practice the MCQs daily. Keep in mind that its practice that makes a man perfect.
There is nothing wrong with seeking help from your seniors or previous year students but choose genuine persons.
Don’t stress yourself, if you are taking so much time to complete any particular topic, take a short break and relax.
Try to find out your weak points and carve them into your strongest points.
The focus is everything and your focus should be very clear and work hard for it, remember at the end of all this you are going to achieve your dream to become a doctor. Take care of your health, sleep a minimum of 7 hours or else you will get exhausted really fast on the next day.
Be honest to yourself and be honest with your preparation.

Vijay GarG Retired Principal
Malout Punjab


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