Do not make this mistake even by forgetting while withdrawing cash from ATM, otherwise your account will empty.


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ATM Cash Transaction Tips: Since the Corona epidemic, there have been major changes in the methods of banking transactions. Nowadays people prefer to transfer money through online options like Net Banking, UPI Payment instead of doing cash transactions. But, if there is a need to withdraw cash in an emergency, then you can withdraw money from ATM instead of going to the bank.

But, nowadays people make some such mistakes while withdrawing cash from ATM due to which people become victims of fraud. In such a situation, we are going to give you some such tips which are very important to keep in mind while withdrawing cash from ATM.

While withdrawing money from the ATM, take special care that no one else is present at the time of cash withdrawal from the ATM room. Many times withdraw money from ATM machine in the presence of other people. Because of this, many fraudsters can steal your ATM PIN and make you a victim of fraud. In such a situation, wait for your turn outside the ATM machine and withdraw cash from ATM alone.

While withdrawing cash, keep in mind that do not seek help from an unknown person while withdrawing money from the ATM machine. If you are having trouble withdrawing money from the ATM machine, then you can take the help of the guard sitting outside the ATM machine. Apart from this, do not take help from any unknown person to withdraw money.

Many people have this habit that they keep their ATM PIN along with their ATM card. In such a situation, in case of missing or stolen ATM card, criminals can misuse your PIN. In such a situation, do not keep the PIN written with the card. Along with this, change your ATM PIN from time to time.

Nowadays, many incidents of ATM skimming are also coming to the fore. Nowadays, cyber fraud people put the card reader of the ATM machine in the upper part of the ATM machine. This card reader steals all your card information and PIN.

After this, they withdraw money from your account by making a fake card like their card. In such a situation, before inserting the card, check the card reader once in the machine

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