Now the challan of 2000 will be deducted even if all the vehicles have paper, know what are the new rules


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New Traffic Rules: According to the new traffic rules, even if you have all the documents of the vehicle, your challan of Rs 2000 can be deducted. How can this happen, today we will tell you about it.

Actually, under the Motor Vehicle Act, if you misbehave with the traffic policeman while checking the paperwork of the vehicle or in any way, then according to rule 179 MVA , he has the right to deduct your challan of 2000.

It has been seen many times that we start an argument with the policeman about something and that argument increases so much that it turns into misbehavior. In such a situation, you are advised not to misbehave with the traffic policeman and if the policeman misbehaves with you then you have the option of complaining and taking the matter to the court.

According to the new traffic rules , a challan of Rs 2000 can be deducted even for wearing a helmet. According to Actual Motor Vehicle Act, if you have not worn helmet while driving a motorcycle, scooter, then your challan of Rs 1000 as per rule 194D MVA and if you are wearing a bad helmet (without BIS) then your 1000 rupees as per 194D MVA challan can be cut. In such a situation, despite wearing a helmet, not following the new rules may have to challan Rs 2000.

How to know whether the invoice has been deducted or not

Visit website. Select the option of Check Challan Status. You will get the option of Challan Number, Vehicle Number and Driving License Number (DL). Select the option of Vehicle Number. Fill in the required information asked and click on ‘Get Details’. Now the challan status will appear.

How to fill traffic challan online

Go to . Fill the required details and captcha related to challan and click on get details. A new page will open on which the details of the Challan will be given. Find the invoice you want to pay. Along with the challan, the option of online payment will appear, click on it. Fill in the payment information. Confirm payment. Now your online challan has been filled.

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