How to stop Overthinking I 2 Easy Tips.


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Friends today in this blog you will know 5 easy tips by which you can stop overthinking habit very very fast. We only request to you,  Please read full blog with high focus, concentration and patience. We all know currently in this money earning time common problem for majority of the people is overthinking means thinking more then enough. By overthinking without taking action we think and get trap in mind and this problem is called Analysis Paralysis, Rumination & Perseverative Cognition in Psychology. Our mind always try to find answers like what is happening with us, why it is happening, what happened in past, what will happen in future & what other people think about you. So our mind isn't a perfect machine which will give us correct answer in very low time & when mind doesn't get any perfect answer for the question, it remains thinking about it and traps that question in it and now brain enters from thinking to overthinking. This habit becomes an addiction our mind always remain thinking. But sometimes thinking is important for us, by which we increase our mind power and simply grow and this thinking is called Right Thinking. But overthinking is very bad which throws us back from competition. Now how we find that we are overthinking or right thinking which is important for us by which we can stop our mind from entering thinking to overthinking stage. So we can quite this overthinking habit. Here you will get 2 easy tips to stop overthinking.

1. Know when you're overthinking & when to stop it.

We all know this fact that overthinking is harmful for us and our mind, but how we will know that we are right thinking or overthinking to understand this for example you're coming home from office, before leaving office your Bose tells you that, I have to take with you but we will talk on Monday. Now you will start thinking what he has to tell me, should I have done any mistake?, should I will lost my job and you will only think about it whole day and night. In reality you can’t do anything to this by your thinking nothing is going to happen still you're overthinking. But when you go office on mind your Bose asks you best laptop for editing because his brother want to ,learn video editing and you're video editor and you have good knowledge about it and that's why your Bose asks you this question. What you was thinking is completely anti what your Bose said. It was just an example.
So when you're overthinking you have to notice these three things.
a) Repetition. 
In reapeation you always think about only one thing and stuck in this loop. eg if a partner of your friend says anything funny about you, but this thing hurts you. You will think about it repeat and repeat, why he said that? He always says samething about me He doesn't have to said this, now I will tell these things to him, I have to tell this thing at that time etc and this thinking pattern never ends, so if you are thinking about something in Repetition then stop it, it is overthinking.
b) Progress-less-ness.
Now the big problem is, you doesn't find any solution after thinking alot. Only your mind goes one point to another without finding any solution. So if you are thinking lot without finding a solution then it overthinking.
c) Unpleasantness.
After thinking alot and not finding any solution demotivates you and you start thinking guilty about you. And you doesn't feel good at all, So we treat overthinking as a problem because by this decreases our self esteem & confidence also in overall life increases negativity.

So, when you find any point from this then understand you're overthinking instead right thinking. Now in next point you will know how to stop overthinking.

2. Not giving a hard attitude.
If you want to vanish overthinking from roots then you have to build strong attitude and in which you doesn't care much about things. Your only think about your important things and also which are in your control. What people are are thinking about you, why your height is small he is black, he is white etc when you find your self thinking about these points & overthinking just say in your fk it. And go forward now you're thinking that why we are teaching you this word it is wrong  word, well behind this word there is a scientificall and Psychological reason disrupting the pattern means breaking overthinking in middle or it. 

Notedown all the points and stop thinking about it.j

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