Causes of Cancer: If you want to avoid cancer, Then remove these 4 things from the kitchen


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How to Identify Cancer: Cancer disease is rapidly wreaking havoc in the world. Many types of treatments have been developed to deal with this disease, yet everyone still gets goosebumps on hearing the name of cancer. Whenever someone is told about cancer symptoms, the whole family starts living under the shadow of fear. Today we tell you about those things used in the kitchen, which become a major cause of cancer. If you have these things in your house, then leave them forever as soon as possible, otherwise, you may have to repent later.

These kitchen items can cause cancer

Old canned spices

Many people buy hot spices for 2-3 months together and keep them in the kitchen, but they are unable to use those spices completely, due to which they start getting spoiled. By mixing such harmful spices in the vegetable, they become the cause of food poisoning, which can also lead to cancer later. Therefore, if possible, buy only as many hot spices as are needed and keep them in the kitchen, not more than that.

Consuming tea bags is also harmful

You must have seen tea bags. It contains a PCV, food-grade nylon, and nano plastic. When those tea bags are immersed in hot water, all three compounds start breaking down. Because of this, a substance called carcinogen becomes active in it, which can later cause cancer. Therefore, minimize the use of tea bags.

Dangerous chemicals in nonstick utensils

Many nonstick utensils present in the kitchen are made using chemicals. Such a chemical is called perfluoctane sulfate. Such chemicals are found in shampoos, waterproof clothing, cleaning products, and non-stick cookware. By cooking food with such utensils, slowly these chemicals keep entering your body, due to which the risk of cancer increases.

Plastic lunch boxes increase cancer

To harden the plastic, a chemical called Bisphenol A (BPA) is used in it. Plastic lunch boxes and other kitchen tools are prepared using this chemical. When you heat the vegetables present in these utensils, then that chemical also dissolves and starts mixing in the plastic, due to which the risk of cancer gradually increases. That’s why it will be fine to keep a distance from plastic utensils.

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