JKBOSE class 12th Biology guess paper/ Important Questions, Download PDF

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If you’re a student preparing for the JKBOSE class 12th Biology exam, then you’re probably looking for high-quality study material to help you achieve your academic goals. One useful resource that can prove immensely helpful in this regard is the JKBOSE class 12th Biology guess paper or important questions. These study resources are designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the exam pattern and the kind of questions that are likely to be asked in the exam. By practicing with these papers, you can gain valuable insights into the topics that are most important, and you can hone your exam-taking skills to achieve better results.

When preparing for the JKBOSE class 12th Biology exam, it’s essential to focus on the key concepts and topics that are most relevant to the exam. By using the JKBOSE class 12th Biology guess paper or important questions, you can focus your studies on the most important topics, such as Genetics, Ecology, and Evolution. These resources are designed to help you gain a thorough understanding of these key concepts, and they can help you prepare for the exam in a comprehensive and efficient way. So, if you’re looking to excel in your JKBOSE class 12th Biology exam, be sure to check out these valuable study resources today. 

Class 12th Biology Questions


1. Explain Microsporogenesis and megasporogenesis.
2. Give an account of Development of embryo sac in Angiosperms.
3. Explain briefly self and cross pollination.
4. Define terms: Autogamy, Geitonogamy, Anemophilly, Artificialhybridization.
5. Explain Syngamy, Triple fusion and double fertilization
6. Give an account of endosperm development.
7. Explain apomixis and Polyembryony with significance.
8. List 7 pairs of contrasting characters selected by mendel.
9. Explain Law of segregation and independent assortment with anexample.
10. Briefly describe the following:
Incomplete dominance, pleotropy, multiple Allelism.
11. Give an account of semi-conservative DNA replication.
12. Give an account of process of Transcription in prokaryotes.
13. What are the post transcriptional modifications.
14. Define genetic code. What are its various features.
15. Explain the working of lac operon.
16. Explain Biofortification.
17. Write down various applications of plant tissue culture.
18. What are various steps of plant breeding.
19. Explain the role of microbes in industry, biogas, biocontrol.
20. Explain the following with examples-
Mutualism, predation, competition.
21. Explain population growth, decomposition, productivity,ecosystem services.
22. What are the various steps of Hydrarch succession.Q
23. Explain energy flow and ecological pyramids.
24. QWhat are the causes of biodiversity loss.
25. What are Biodiversity hotspots.
26. Explain latitudinal gradient of biodiversity and species arearelationship.
27. Differentiate between insitu and exsitu conservation.
28. Give an account of control of water pollution.
29. Explain solid waste management.
30. Explain green house effect,global warming and ozone depletion.



Q1: Female Reproductive System with labelled diagram.
Q2: Spermatogenesis and oogenesis.
Q3: Menstrual Cycle.
Q4: Placenta and its function.
Q5: Birth Control Methods.
Q6: Infertility- ZIFT, GIFT, IUT etc.
Q7: Sex determination in Honey bees.
Q8: Genetic disorders like Sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, and hemophilia.
Q9: Downs syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome and Turner’s syndrome.
Q10: DNA fingerprinting / Human genome project.
Q11: Darwinism and Modern Synthetic theory.
Q12: Adaptive Radiations.
Q13: Filariasis, Amoebiasis, Immuno-globins, pneumonia and malaria.
Q14: Acquired Immunity.
Q15: Vaccination and Immunization.
Q16: Allergies, AIDS, Cancer.
Q17: Drugs and Alcohol Abuses.
Q18: Recombinant DNA Technology.
Q19: Application of Biotechnology in Medicine like Insulin, gene therapy.
Q20: BT Cotton.

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JKBOSE Biology important questions

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