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The JKBOSE Class 12th Political Science exam is an important examination that tests the knowledge and understanding of political theories, systems, and ideologies among students. It is a very important subject that helps students to understand the political world and how it functions. To prepare for this examination, students should focus on understanding the key concepts and theories of political science, such as democracy, socialism, liberalism, and conservatism. Additionally, students should read current affairs and news articles to stay updated on the latest political events and developments in the country and around the world.

One of the most important things that students can do to prepare for the JKBOSE Class 12th Political Science exam is to practice answering previous year question papers and sample papers. This will help them to understand the types of questions that are asked in the exam and also help them to improve their time management skills. Some of the important questions that students can expect in the exam include questions on political ideologies, political parties and their formation, the Indian Constitution, international relations, and the role of media in politics. By preparing well for the exam and focusing on the important questions, students can score good marks and excel in the subject of Political Science.

Class 12th Important Questions

Political Science

Long Answer Questions =(6×6)

Q1. Cold war, meaning and Causes

Q2. Non. Aligned Movement - Origin

Q3. India's role in NAM.

Q4. New International Economic order.

Q5. Causes of soviet disintegration.

Q6. Shock Therapy, consequences.

Q7. Hegemony and challenges to hegemony.

Q8. 9/11 and withdrawal of USA/NATO from Afghanistan.

Q9. Rise of China: Causes.

Q10. India- China relations.

Q11. European Union and Brexit.

Q12. Emerging trends in India. E.U relations.

Q13. UN - reforms - post Kofi Anann.

Q14. Role of WTO or IMF in world economy.

Q15. Non Traditional threats to human Security: Global terrorism.

Q16. Impacts of globalizations

Q17. Earth Summit / Kyoto Protocol/Minamata Convention. Q18. Rights of

Indigenous people.

Q19. Role of J. L Nehru in nation building.

Q20. Reorganisation of States - new demands.

Q21. Uneven nature of Congress dominance.

Q22. Coalition politics NDA/UPA.

Q23. Five years plans and break in Fyp's.

Q24. Niti Aayog.

Q25. Green Revolution, environmental Consequences.

Q26. Foreign Policy | Act East Policy.

Q27. Garibi Hatao | Indra hatao.

Q28. Rise and Growth Of B.J.P.

Short Answer Questions (4X5)

Q1. End of cold war.

Q2. Arenas of cold war (Cuba, north Korea, Afghanistan, vietnam)

Q3. Central Asian States (CIS)

Q4. Challenges to US Hegemony

Q5. Iraq war (2003).

Q6. operation Desert shield.

Q7. ASEAN objectives.

Q8. SAARC Principles.

Q9. mukti Bahini (Bangladesh war 1971).

Q10. Tamil Conflict in Sri- lanka.

Q11. Inter-state Conflicts in South Asia.

Q12. UNO - Aims.

Q13. UN- Security Council.


Q15. Nation building - meaning.

Q16. India; foreign Policy basic Principles.

Q17. Gujral Doctrine. Q18. Chipko Andolan / Nyaya Yudh- Haryana.

Q19. Narmada Bachao movement.

Q20. Implementation of Mandal.

Q21. General election 2019 | NDA-2

Very Short Answers :

Q1. Bipolarity, multipolarity, unipolarity.

Q2. Perestroilea, Glasnost

Q3. Globalisation, Economic, Cultural.

Q4. Brundtland commission - our common future.

Q5. Sustainable development.

Q6. Global Commons.

Q7. operation fair play.

Q8. coalition, opposition, Hung Parliament.


Q10. Planning commission.

Q11. Navniaman, Total Revolution, Shah Commission.

MCQ's (Read both NCERT books- information given in boxes)

= Questions on passage and poltical map (locate indian states on map.)


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